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Live streaming of our virtual classes is now on the MindBody platform - the same platform you use to sign-up for classes. You will be sent a link to each individual class approximately 30 minutes before the start and will be automatically logged in to the virtual room after you enter your Center Point Wellness/MindBody username and password. For best results, use the Google Chrome browser on a computer, or on a mobile device, use Safari for iOS or Google for Android. MindBody has also released a desktop app you may choose to download, similar to Zoom, or you may ignore the prompt to download and choose to use the web browser by "X-ing" out of the pop-up and clicking "continue with browser."

For further how-to information, please see a full step-by-step instruction here:
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Or you may call us at 908-850-1500 at class time if you need immediate assistance!

Chair Yoga – One of the gentlest forms of yoga where poses are practiced seated or with the assistance of a chair. This mixed level class will be customized to you with the option to incorporate more standing, balancing and strengthening asanas (poses). An ideal class for beginners, those recovering from injury or living with chronic pain or illness.

Energy Flow & BreatheEngage and explore the fundamentals of energy movement through the utilization of soft flow yoga and Qigong techniques, mindfulness meditations, tapping and centering breathing methods. 

Gentle Yoga – Designed to relieve stress as well as help alleviate joint and nerve tension. This class moves at a gentler pace in order to go deeper into stretches. Beginner friendly, but students are required to move fluently from the floor to standing positions to experience the full benefits. Pranayama (breath) and meditation practices also included. If you have severe knee/joint injuries, you may be interested in our chair yoga class instead.

Mixed Level Yoga – An open flow style yoga. Great for all levels.

Yoga Stretch & Meditation – This class starts with yoga stretches and prana (breathwork) on the yoga mat to prepare the mind and body for a guided meditation. The session ends with a few minutes of journaling or personal reflection. This class is ideal to reduce stress, increase flexibility and create a sense of balance between mind and body.

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