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At Center Point, we know wellness is not one-size-fits-all, so we created 

Wellness Your Way appointment credits

to give you ultimate flexibility to mix and match appointment types

and have the chance to try something new if you choose!

Explore all of our holistic wellness options to 


Wellness Your Way


Center Point is the Place for Wellness Your Way!


New Memberships
We’re offering a new membership option and have upgraded our current memberships to give you more value and flexibility each month. Our STUDIO membership is now the CHOICE membership and at that level you can choose whether you’d like either unlimited monthly classes or if you’d prefer a monthly wellness appointment option instead. DELUXE members will now have the equivalent of an additional 30 minute service and ULTIMATE members an additional 60 minutes. All members will receive a specific discount on products, depending on the tier. Please see our new brochure (linked below) for more information! Current members: don’t worry you will have the option to keep your 
existing membership. We will be reaching out to you directly!


New Appointment Credits
We’ve also made a change to our 5 and 10 packs. You will still be able to purchase the equivalent of a 5 or 10 pack, but now they will be called “Wellness Your Way Appointment Credits.” Instead of being limited to one appointment type, you will now be able to schedule appointments on a 30 minute increment (one credit = 30 minutes). So for example if you purchase the 10 credits pack (formerly the 5 Pack) you would now be able to use it for (10) 30 minute massages OR (5) 60 minute acupuncture appointments OR mix and match with (2) 60 minute private yoga lessons, (1) 60 minute reiki session, (1) 60 minute AromaPoint session, (1) 30 minute reflexology and (1) private session in the salt cave! You can choose what sounds best to you and the greatest part is you don’t have to decide in advance. You can follow a regular routine with your credits or switch it up with each new appointment credit pack. See how many credits each appointment costs in our new brochure as well.


Appointment Updates
To make these changes and give more options to you, we’ve decided to remove the 45-minute and 75-minute appointments, so that you will be able to easily mix and match your credits for a fully unique and varied wellness experience every month if you choose! We have also added a few new services, including: aromatherapy massage, lymphatic drainage massage, one-on-one active stretching and a Himalayan Sea Salt Massage, similar to a Hot Stone Massage, but instead with authentic sea salt blocks.

Create Your Own Yoga Class (and more!) 
We’re very excited to offer a unique option that allows you to choose the focus, date, time and frequency of your very own class! Work with us to set-up a customized yoga class, a fitness boot camp, an athletic training or group stretching workshop, a meditation series, or whatever else you can dream up that works best for you, your group, your goals and your schedule. Choose from one session or a series of 4 or 8 sessions. Choose from a private session just for you or coordinate with your group of up to 10 total students per class. This is a perfect way to personalize your health and fitness and it’s also a great option for people who would like to return to in person instruction, but would prefer to schedule private sessions with your own personal #quaranteam, instead of attending public classes.


To check for class cancellations or other changes: please view our up-to-date schedule on our classes page [click here] or view the schedule on our app!

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Cupping / Gua Sha

Massage / Reflexology

Reiki Energy Healing

...and more!



Enjoy unlimited classes or

3 Wellness Your Way

appointment credits

starting at $99/month!

Upgrade to a Deluxe or Ultimate Membership for more benefits.




Gentle Movement


Don't see a class on the schedule that works for you? Create Your Own!