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Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga – One of the gentlest forms of yoga where poses are practiced seated or with the assistance of a chair. This mixed level class will be customized to you with the option to incorporate more standing, balancing and strengthening asanas (poses). An ideal class for beginners, those recovering from injury or living with chronic pain or illness.

Gentle Yoga – Designed to relieve stress as well as help alleviate joint and nerve tension. This class moves at a gentler pace in order to go deeper into stretches. Beginnervfriendly, but students are required to move fluently from the floor to standing positions to experience the full benefits. Pranayama (breath) and meditation practices also included.vIf you have severe knee/joint injuries, you may be interested in our chair yoga class instead.

Mindful Flow – Move through yoga poses with mindful mentality. Center yourself with this thoughtful mix of meditation-like practices and yoga flow.

Open Flow Yoga – Open Flow Yoga for all levels.

Restorative Yoga – Refresh and renew. Use yoga props and hold floor poses while focusing on breathing techniques and guided imagery. Great stress buster! Tension will melt away as you learn the art of letting go. All levels.

Upper Body & Core StrengtheningDesigned to incrementally increase strength and stability in the spine, core muscles, arms, chest and shoulders. We will use many yoga poses and techniques, but you do not need to have any prior yoga experience to succeed in this class. We will work the entire body in order to stabilize the core muscle groups.

Yoga for Every Body – Yoga for everybody, no matter your experience level, this class is for you! Find out how this practice of yoga can support you as you discover elements of alignment, energetic sequencing and breathwork.  Mixed level / Beginner Friendly.

Yoga for Hips – An excellent choice for people who sit for long periods of time. This yoga class is specifically designed to promote open hip flexors and exercise full range of motion. Strong hips help support your knees and lower back. All levels.

Yoga for The Soul – Focused on creating alignment within your mind, body and soul through therapeutic yoga poses and breath work (pranayama). Some stretching and guided meditation will be involved to promote flexibility & inner healing. This class is well suited for those seeking a deeper connection to themselves emotionally, mentally & physically.

Yoga for Your Back – Our back bones and muscles are the support system for the entire body. This class helps students to strengthen the core, release tight muscles and alleviate back pain through spirited and supportive yoga sequences.

Yoga Stretch and Meditation – This class starts with yoga stretches and prana (breathwork) on the yoga mat to prepare the mind and body for a guided meditation. The session ends with a few minutes of journaling or personal reflection. This class is ideal to reduce stress, increase flexibility and create a sense of balance between mind and body.




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